Casa Casca – Rind Wall System

Rind Wall System


The client was urging to start building a new house. However, he was not decided at all in terms of the internal program and its distribution. The dimension and the position of the compartments were simply not defined.

We just took this situation as an opportunity to develop a new building system:

– something absolutely flexible, that would guarantee at the same time:
– the time-efficiency of the construction process;
– the quality of the critical parts of any building (thermal insolation, structure and infrastructure);
– the capacity to enable the client to keep changing his mind during the project and the building period.

We call it “Rind Wall”.


CLIENT: private comission
YEAR: 2016
STATUS: ongoing
TYPE: house
LOCATION: Sta. M. da Feira, Portugal
PROJECT LEADER: Samuel Goncalves
PROJECT TEAM: Maria Joao Freitas, Giulia Mazzoletti